Your playlist is your weapon

September’s soundtrack knocks off any moody vibes.


You know what, moody September? We’ve had it with your bipolar attitude! One day you bless us with a sunny smile and the next thing we know is you’ve turned your back on us—no calls or DMs whatsoever. So, we’re taking the reins. And the peaceful darlings that we are, it’s our knock-out music playlist that’ll show you who’s in charge. With a two-hour selection of splendid hymns that should be on repeat at least six times per day, you may join us on our quest to kick-ass self-love and harmony.

There’s no way we could start this one without a raw masterpiece by our favourite cover star Blood Orange, whose powerful Chewing Gum track makes us self-reflect and centre on hope. Following it are dream-team Lana Del Rey and Cat Power’s mesmerizing Woman and Nicki Minaj’s fashion anthem Coco Chanel, featuring the just-as-iconic Foxy Brown. If these don’t open heaven’s doors for you, then just wait to experience what TOMM¥ €A$H’s Little Molly or the remix of BØRNS’s Tension do to your waist. And because we like to keep it legendary, Miss Aretha Franklin’s Get It Right finishes the playlist off with energy that lifts you up, reaching for the sky, but only to keep you listening ‘til you get it right’.

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Curated by Marjolijn Verkerk

Words by Valkan Dechev

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