Your Amsterdam weekend get-downs

How to end your week on a high note [❌❌❌ ]

Rineke Dijkstra—Amy, The Crazy House, Liverpool, December 23, 2008, courtesy of the Stedelijk Museum

Not meaning to state the blatantly obvious but IT’S FRIDAY, which means it’s practically weekend. If this comes flying around the corner for you or feels like a date not showing up—either way, it’s here and we’ve got you sorted. Sit back, pop out a cold drink and map out your days to our cheeky guide, which includes five things to get up (and down) to. Get re-energized, pump up on some queer techno tunes, explore the sensual side of cinema or catch up on your weekly dose of fashion and design. Unlike that ghastly long week, this weekend is sure to fly by. So make sure you let that post-weekend high last all week long…


Cinema Erotica at EYE—until 19 June

Get your weekend off to a good start and bring yourself, or your next Tinder match, to EYE to encounter the libidinous creativity of erotic cinema. On tonight and tomorrow’s agenda is the sensual French virtual reality film Viens!, which for the duration of EYE’s ongoing Cinema Erotica event can be viewed on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Set in the fitting confines of a cloakroom-turned-bedroom, the intimate display invites you to enter and explore the surprises and risks of undressed encounters. With overpowering sensory detail, filmmaker Reilhac touches on the ineffable presence of erotica in our lives, emphasizing the idea that eroticism reaches far beyond our physical world through an immersive virtual reality experience. Never straightforward, allow the erotic images to throw you into some tense rhythms and charged energies.


Spielraum at RADION—3 June

Hit up RADION for a fresh, new queer night this coming Saturday. We suggest you leave all adulthood-related responsibilities behind because you probably won’t have time for any of those; Spielraum sends you off way past the crack of dawn. In fact, once you’re finished with channelling your inner child spirit onto the dance floor, you’ll be passing by the early-morning dog walkers on your way back home—or someone else’s. Spielraum’s “musical playground” is built with techno sets by Polly F, Museum and Dimi Angélis. But hey, who are we to say what’s good for you? Instead, follow up on the knowledgeable advice of Dutch historian and cultural theorist Johan Huizinga, who attributed the very term “Spielraum” as an important space for the development of culture and society.


Rineke Dijkstra—Odessa, Oekraïne, 6 augustus 1993, courtesy of the Stedelijk Museum

Rineke Dijkstra at Stedelijk—until 6 August

That we can’t be stuck in the same age forever, is something acclaimed Dutch photographer Rineke Dijkstra captures all too well in her stunning coming-of-age portraits. With a slew of museum shows already on her name, the Stedelijk Museum thought it was high time to pay an ode to Dijkstra’s incredible oeuvre. Presenting a large overview of her work and some pieces that have yet to be showcased on home ground, we say this weekend presents itself as the perfect opportunity to take a step back. Let the hushed voices filling the serene space accompany you on a journey through raw, honest images that will leave you touched.


Stephen Miguel Decker


If techno isn’t quite up your street, we suggest you get yourself cultured into some widely dispersed musical offerings at OCCII. Get ready for a splendid experimental set by Stephen Miguel Decker, a much-respected MoMA resident—yes, MoMA has its own DJ residencies—and Parsons [NY] lecturer. What’s more, going off from what we’ve seen on Facebook, party host JUJULOV3 has been warming up since the start of this week. So expect that warm enthusiasm to kick in as the French artist-slash-DJ gets behind the decks. With the other, musically diverse talents to follow in a similar energetic trance, your night is sure to be in safe-but-unsafe hands.


Barbara Langendijk, photo: Jan-Willem Kaldenbach

SCHUIT at FDFA—until 2 July

Yet to hop on the bandwagon and join in on the celebration of De Stijl’s 100 year existence and influence on Dutch culture? Head on down to Arnhem and get a guided tour by one of the young designers at SCHUIT. Hosted in an art gallery that showcases unique fashion designs by emerging talent, investigate how—still to this day—De Stijl shapes design and guides the transformative powers of art and fashion. In fact, spend a full day at the festival to add some colour/culture to your deserved break.

Words by Rebecca Nevins


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