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Fifty years ago the world called for change. Students, workers and filmmakers with an artillery of bricks and 16mm cameras, challenged the Establishment all the way from Paris to Mexico City to Amsterdam. Celebrating these monumental events, EYE Filmmuseum brings you 1968: You Say You Want a Revolution, from 26 April until 25 May. Teaming up with the renowned Dutch film institute, Glamcult will keep you posted on the ins and outs of the subversive film schedule.

Exploring the spirit of the May 1968 events in Paris and far beyond—documented by an international group of wayward filmmakersthe programme includes films about ’68 as well as films characterised by the spirit brought forth by the revolution. Additionally, there will be debates, talk shows and music performances with guests such as the Instant Composers Pool, Tracy Metz (Director of the John Adams Institute) and pop journalist Hester Carvalho. Hosting a total of 12 special features and 20 movies all either from 1968 or in one way or another about 1968, the month-long theme demonstrates the extent to which events would not have been able to unfold as they did without the groundbreaking medium of film. For the first time people could see what was happening, feel what was happening and react.

Still relevant and poignant to this day—as proven by the latest Gucci campaign—this month of spectacular footage and film is not to be missed. Get your tickets!

1968: You Say You Want a Revolution

26 April – 25 May

EYE Filminstituut, Amsterdam


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Words by Louise Goodger

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