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Following our successful visit to the house of Bonne Reijn, Glamcult was welcomed into the home of make-up artist / food blogger Yokaw Pat. If you happen to be one of Yokaw’s followers, you’ll be used to her expressive use of colour. For the second chapter of The Many Home of Raumfeld, we stepped foot in her surprisingly minimalistic Amsterdam apartment—greeted by two rabbits—and learnt all about Japanese aesthetics, as well as the key to becoming flawless.

If you were to video an ordinary day in your home, what would we see?

I’d probably be cooking, reading or taking photos, surrounded by my rabbits. I work a lot from home. I’m always working; I don’t really have a social life. [Laughs]

Your Instagram account and dress sense are very colourful, in contrast to your all-white home. How come?

I really love the Japanese artist Tokujin Yoshioka; he has this very minimalist aesthetic. I also love the book In praise of Shadows by Tanizaki, which is an essay on Japanese aesthetics. In my home I try to follow those, it’s all about balance and natural things; it shouldn’t be too shiny or full. I have these amazing windows here and I think that’s enough, I don’t want the rest of the room to distract from them. I guess I like to feel like I can make a spotless start every morning, and as the day progresses colour it with many new adventures. I tend not to look back in life; I prefer looking forward, that’s why I don’t value owning things, because they don’t hold any nostalgia for me. The ever-changing colours of the skies and clouds are my most cherished pieces of interior.


What sort of music do you listen to when you’re at home?

All kinds! There is this one Japanese animation that I love the soundtrack of. It’s called Natsume Yuujimcho (Natsume’s Book of Friends). I listen to that a lot, it’s very Zen.

What’s your favourite thing about being a make-up artist?

I think it’s all the travelling and meeting colourful people.

Best beauty tip?

Sleep! Something I don’t get enough of.

Do you listen to music whilst doing someone’s makeup? If so, what is your favourite song to work to?

Well, when we are shooting we usually play Drake, but I actually really like listening to FKA twigs.

Next to being a make-up artist, you write a food blog for VOGUE. How did that come about?

That’s actually a funny story. Someone from VOGUE saw me at a party, I was wearing a red dress with a big bow and she liked my style. Then afterwards she called me like: “Hey, we actually need a food blogger and we like your style. Would you like to do food and incorporate your style, but um… do you know how to cook?” I thought about it for a week, and then sent them some ideas. They really liked it.


Have you always had an interest in food?

Yes, my parents actually have a restaurant and my dad is a chef so I guess I grew up with food. But I’d never thought of it until they asked me to do a food blog! When you’re Asian, your whole life is surrounded by food and make-up; as an Asian woman that’s all you care about! [Laughs]

Do you have a favourite recipe?

No, but I do have a favourite chef. Magnus Nilsson has a restaurant right in the middle of Sweden and he just cooks with everything he finds there. He doesn’t import any food so he does a lot of fermenting and often uses moss. If he cooks meat, he’ll use the whole animal (I don’t eat meat myself but I’m not against it). I think Magnus treats meat in a really respectful way; he even uses the blood. If you kill an animal, be grateful and use all of it.

If you could travel anywhere in the world to try a cuisine, where would it be?

I think maybe Peru, I’ve never been there but they have amazing food like ceviche and all these different kinds of fruits and vegetables that we don’t have here.

What’s an Instagram account we have to follow?

This is really difficult; I follow a lot of artists. I think @asumamakoto, he’s a flower artist and even sent flowers to space!

What’s next in store for you?

I don’t know, really, I’m so busy with everything. I would like to find more of a balance between the food and the beauty. It seems natural because I work with colour and food is colour. Also, in Asian culture the ways of your skin and your health are equal to beauty and food. Your diet is very much incorporated into your make-up and creams, because it all starts from within. You don’t hide all your flaws; you just make sure you are flawless.



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Words and photography by Lottie Hodson

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