XYZ through the eyes of Peter Marino

Revisiting the iconic Robert Mapplethorpe.


In the Parisian Marais district, curator Peter Marino currently revisits the legendary work of American photographer Robert Mapplethorphe. Infamous for his homoerotic photography and experimenting with composition and lighting, Mapplethorpe more than once caused a stir. Marino has been collecting his work since the mid ‘80s but stresses that recent exhibitions have missed the mark on Mapplethorpe’s work, focusing solely on well-known images. The American curator is an architect from Queens, specialised in retail-design projects for brands such as Dior and Vuitton. Marino returns to previously unseen Polaroids from the ‘70s and the XYZ portfolio, which stands for sex, floral still lifes and male nudes. His choices are guided by his unique take on Mapplethorpe’s work, inspired by their mutual passion for sculpture. Aiming to surpass traditional perceptions and re-examine or contextualize works, the art of curating is an ever-interesting practice that—as shown by this exhibition—creates the opportunity to reappraise the amazing work done in the past.



Until 5 March 2016

By Michelle Janssen

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