Women rule at this year’s London Calling festival

Amsterdam’s showcase for alternative pop is back.


Although we wish this wouldn’t need a special mention, Glamcult was still very happy to find out that the majority of the line-up at this year’s London Calling festival consists of women. Taking place at Paradiso on the 26th and 27th of May, the yearly event brings alternative pop talent from all over the world to Amsterdam for two proper nights of concerts, as well as a pre-party with all-girl performances. (Coachella, are you watching?)

Just in case you need a little help picking out the undiscovered gems, we selected some festival favourites you certainly shouldn’t miss out on. And we’ve added two talented artists to the mix who will only be performing at London Calling’s pre-party tomorrow night. Allow ALMA and Charlotte Day Wilson to get you in the swing of things as you visit the musical taster at Paradiso Noord, Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam.

This Montreal duo consisting of singer Audrey Ann and instrumentalist Kyle Jukka approach (art) pop from a somewhat destructive angle. Supported by their friends of Majical Cloudz, amongst others, She-Devils create intimate, hybrid pop songs with an unmistakable vintage vibe. Equally cute and deliciously evil, we can’t wait to see their two-edged chemistry come alive on stage.

With a strong group of feminist supporters hailing her soft, soothing sound at the Women’s March of America a few months ago, you’re invited to strengthen the bond and console on some light and soulful R&B tunes at London Calling’s pre-party. On the verge of breaking through internationally, the music of the 24-year old, Canadian singer-slash-producer Charlotte Day Wilson has been the soundtrack to a growing female-empowering movement taking over the world. Naturally, her sound will follow suit.

Despite her dreamy pop sound, Californian sweetheart Miya Folick has a sharp (but enticing) punk edge to her. Emanating through her refreshing tracks are atmospheric arrangements made up of soft, introspective sounds, and polished vocals with folk-rock and psychedelic influences. Overall radiating raw emotion, let this Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter win your heart over.

As their moniker might suggest, this all-girl group are not “the fashionable babes.” Be careful labelling them as such, because these fierce chicks are not to be messed with. Clottie Cream, Rosy Bones, Naima Jelly and L.E.D. of Goat Girl produce indie-rock tunes with badass riffs and furious lyrics sweeping down ‘scums’ and ‘country sleezes.’ Owing their band name to the alter ego of rocker Bill Hicks, expect a similar attitude but just that much more pleasing.

At just 21, ALMA has evolved a style, attitude and voice that has us all feeling a little envious. As a rising artist from Finland, she’s already making waves in the industry—loud, deformed and extraordinary sound waves, that is. You can’t miss the daring, original sound emanating from her tracks as it mixes radio-friendly pop with elements of hip-hop, old soul and urban flavours.

26 and 27 May 2017

Paradiso, Amsterdam

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