Wolfgang Tillmans reflects on (finding) happiness

Indulge in colour on the artist’s new visual album.


Continuing on his extensive creative journey, Wolfgang Tillmans proceeds in reaching even further as a visual (and audible) artist. Announcing the release of a collaborative project with his band project Fragile, Tillmans has just unveiled the visual album That’s Desire/Here We Are EP on YouTube.


Fulfilling the roles of both director and videographer, Tillmans has created a 27-minute vision, featuring improvised performances from participants dancing to (his) music, having never previously heard it. Traveling to Los Angeles and New York, Tillmans gathered an eclectic mix of actresses, models, singers, writers and multi-disciplinary artists, encouraging them to let loose in front of the camera. Located in a small, white room with coloured gels over the lights, the simple set-up is transformed into a spectrum of colour.

What was initially intended as six separate videos was then engulfed into a “consecutive sequence of six different moods”, with Tillmans’ desired outcome to be “reflecting the desire to carry on and live our lives in a quest for personal happiness, whatever the circumstances.” With a soundtrack of expressive sounds related to the post-Brexit/pre-Trump period, as well as songs inspired by personal love, this unsettling but soothing film is a pleasure for the eye and the soul.


That’s Desire/ Here We Are EP will be available December 9th on 12” vinyl as well as digital download.


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Words by Lottie Hodson

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