Why you shouldn’t miss our HUGO REVERSED warehouse party

All the right reasons to rave.

CEM for Glamcult by Barrie Hullegie

Currently exploring the meaning of club culture through our Rave Revolution series, it’s no secret that Glamcult and the night love to go hand in hand. It’s from that same starting point, nightlife’s urgent beauty, that we approached the upcoming night we’re hosting for Berlin-born fashion brand HUGO; inviting three DJs who—by means of hard-hitting sets—prove exactly how electronic music is able to nurture body and soul.

A founding member and resident of Herrensauna, the sound of CEM finds resonance in dark Berlin basements and, more recently, techno institutions such as Tresor. Speaking to Glamcult last year, Herrensauna’s foursome emphasised the core ingredients of their unique club nights: “quality techno, mutual understanding, autonomy, sexuality and friendship”. A local affair with international acclaim, the past year has seen Herrensauna’s members spread their wings, CEM’s gigs now ranging from Paris to Tbilisi and from Amsterdam to Tokyo. Those who recently saw the DJ play at De School have felt the darkness emanating from his track selection, but also know how that darkness can be perfectly disturbed by a groovy bass line, a dirty acid vocal or even a sweet Aaliyah snippet. In short, a CEM set emanates ecstasy in its queerest and most physical form.

Speaking of techno and queer ecstasy, who else than Umfang would be best to provide our grand finale? Following a highlight set by our special guest—you can now find hints of his astounding track record in our pre-party playlist—the Brooklyn-based DJ will bring her slightly more ethereal techno to the warehouse. Chatting with Glamcult about her love of the minimal, Umfang explains: “It just seems calming to me to have things simplified and I feel if there are moments of silence it creates a lot of excitement. Even in DJ-sets, when people take the music all the way out, then back up—it creates so much excitement.” The past years have seen Umfang counter dance music’s male-dominated landscape through Discwoman and Technofeminism; fuelling debate and, thankfully, more and more inclusivity. An uncompromising voice both in the industry and in the booth, let Umfang invite you to her place in outer space.

Ready to dance? Beyond the music, expect a proper dose of HUGO’s reversed logomania, which can now be purchased online and in the newly opened Amsterdam store. But send us your RSVP soon, as the guestlist is filling up quickly. (And we might even buy you a drink or two…)


Line-up: CEM, Umfang and special guest

4 October 2018
Warehouse Elementenstraat, Amsterdam


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