Why you should experience ‘Robot Love’

This exhibition will literally get under your skin.

Reija Meriläinen, Survivor, 2017, video game installation, courtesy of the artist.

You’re an avid follower of Lil Miquela, and Sophia The Robot seems damn cute to you in YouTube videos, but your gut tells you that if you were to meet these two robot queens, things might get a little awkward. We’ve been there too, but one thing we can assure you of—like it or not, robots are here to stay. Whether they’ll slay, well, that’s a whole other perplexing discussion. Raising vital questions and providing various options, however, is the much-anticipated exhibition Robot Love: a large-scale experience that explores the fine line between humanity and machinery, rejection and love.

Server Demirtas, Koro/Choir, 2015

Taking place at the former Campina Milk Factory in Eindhoven, NL, Robot Love presents more than 50 international artists, whose works oscillate between an embrace of technology and an awareness with regards to its dooming potency. The concept of robotization has persisted through times of ancient slavery to today’s hyper-advanced AI and, although its context and form may have metamorphized, discussion in regard to its essence is more urgent than ever. Will inclusion and democratization topple impoverishment and potential dystopia?

The stakes at Robot Love are high and the questions asked are seductive yet theoretically practical. Our only advice for you is to book the next train to Eindhoven, leave behind any binary opinions and dive deep into unsteady yet exciting waters.

Aleksandra Domanović, Things to Come, 2014


15 September — 2 December, 2018

Campina Milk Factory, Eindhoven




Words by Valkan Dechev

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