Why you need to dance to Honey Dijon

Making house music herstory.


Born and raised in Chicago, Honey Dijon has carved herself a firm place in the world of electronic music with stunningly instinctive and genre-transcending sets. While musically raised on a vast collection of mixtapes and underground parties, as well as her parents’ record collection, it’s in the flesh that she truly unleashes her power. This is why you need to see her DJ this Thursday.

Honey Redmond grew up on the South Side of Chicago at the height of the city’s house music heritage. Today she’s better known as Miss Honey Dijon, a genre-busting DJ embraced by the fashion world and credible clubbers alike. Entering the electronic scene at the apex of Chicago house and moving to New York City during the height of the pre-Giuliani nightlife boom, Honey was able to not only witness the greats in action but also, more importantly, learn from them and befriend them. Introduced to the great Derrick Carter by her sister’s friend, the DJ was to become not only a great friend but was integral to her own development and entrance onto the scene.

While NYC, and those Honey would meet in the city, were to play an integral part in her artistic development, the segregation within the electronic scene was to be a shock to the system after experiencing the cross-pollination of Chicago. Rather than becoming swamped in a sea of music that did not seem to satisfy, and missing the inclusivity of the Chicago scene, Honey set out to change this. Beginning to DJ therefore out of the necessity to break the musical barriers set in place by the gentrification of New York’s electronic scene, Honey Dijon confirmed her place as a DJ who could really rock a—diverse—party.

However, it’s not merely as a DJ that Honey Dijon has demonstrated her talent and chameleon-like musical voice. She has also become a producer of great standing, releasing tracks both as solo projects and as collaborations. Her latest release, Best of Both Worlds, is a true marvel, transcending boxes and seamlessly interweaving the signatures of those she collaborated with in the process. Nevertheless, born from the art and culture of being a DJ, Honey would always consider herself a DJ before a producer and, indeed, it’s on the dance floor that her music fully comes alive.

As a transgender member of the electronic community, Honey is an active and high-demand advocate and speaker, constantly questioning issues concerning gender, LGBTQ+ inclusivity and identity within the club circuit. Vocal about the extent to which anything non-heteronormative tends to fall under the same umbrella in a scene dominated by white, male, heteronormative figures, she fights for the most current and important issues in electronic music.

Additionally, Honey Dijon has always been active at the intersection of fashion and music, recently producing the soundtrack for—another—Louis Vuitton menswear show. Having worked alongside British designer Kim Jones and being featured in The Gentlewoman and The New York Times’ style section, among others, her connection to fashion remains ever-present. Falling in love with fashion at a young age through the issues of Vogue and GQ that used to lay around at her uncle’s tailor shop, fashion’s space for personal expression is something that Honey has always been drawn to.

In the lead-up to her anticipated performance at this week’s MOAM X Zalando Collection Party, Glamcult couldn’t find a more perfectly suited artist to celebrate the work of young fashion talent, and cannot be more excited to have her. While the party is an invite-only event, you can still be in with a chance of seeing the legend that is Miss Honey Dijon at work. Let us know why you need to be present by dropping an email to rsvp@glamcult.com and hopefully we’ll see you on the dancefloor…

MOAM X Zalando

Collection Launch Party

Hosted by Glamcult


Thursday 8 March

KIT Royal Tropical Institute





Words by Louise Goodger

Main image: Ricardo Gomes

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