What we’re listening to after Lente Kabinet 2018

In case you missed (or want to relive) the festival.


Spread over two days for the first time, Lente Kabinet—organised by the Dekmantel crew—made its return this past weekend. Welcomed by an early summer, the festival was an eclectic masterclass in (mostly) electronic music. While this amazing weekend is now history, here are some of the national and international acts that took us to new heights and keep the festival spirit alive. Even if you missed it.


Is it techno? Is it wave? Is it a bad trip? Or maybe a good one? Dream partners Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau came to Lente Kabinet under their joint Essaie Pas moniker, providing a dark and dreamy live-set. For those familiar with their distinctive work, the performance served as a reminder of their brilliance—both as solo artists and together. For the unfamiliar, this was the perfect opportunity to dive headfirst into their sonic space.

It could be debated whether a Kelela show—muted and introspective with big bursts of energy here and there—can reach its full potential at a loud and lively festival. But then again: seeing Kelela is always a pleasure, even when it was just the singer and a DJ that graced the stage at this year’s Lente Kabinet. Angelic as ever, our cover girl knows God is in all the details: from the subtle reworks of her album tracks and breathtaking moves to being the festival’s best-dressed artist, by far.


Meanwhile, while perhaps scheduled a little early, our favourite Romanian DJ-slash-producer Borusiade drew all the club kids with her hard-hitting exploration into the dark quarters of acid and techno. In the space of one set, the talented artist has the ability to give you chills, make you sweat and finally melt into ecstasy. As we’d hoped for, her Lente Kabinet appearance was anything but disappointing.

Lente Kabinet couldn’t have a more fitting finale than Motor City Drum Ensemble driving to the close. While the heavens began to open over the largest outdoor stage, that didn’t stop the full field of admirers. However, it was the infamous Peggy Gou who really stole the limelight, leading her dancers into the darkness. Drifting between house, acid and her own latest productions that have whipped up a storm, Peggy validated her recent rise to superstardom.


This year it wasn’t just music that caught the attention of festival-goers. We were very proud to see the success of the Glamcult x Lente Kabinet multi-sensory art experiences. Aura Sato Lydon and Marlyn Kist de Ruijter constructed a dystopian plant world. Telemagic set up a temple to the phone charger. Lou Buche, Kevin Bray and Messgewand defied dimension with a multimedia installation. And fashion designer Duran Lantink proclaimed that “God is a DJ” after all. If anything, Lente Kabinet proved just that.

Words by Leendert Sonnevelt and Louise Goodger

Photography by Yannick van de Wijngaert and Desiré van den Berg



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