“Fashion is a powerful messaging tool”

Weekday re-launches some of its most popular prints.


We’ve all been witness to the walking banners that are increasingly populating the streets. Yes—the statements printed on shirts, aimed at reflecting on society by expressing a position regarding current events or pressing issues. This recurring trend has made of fashion not only a tool to express individual style and personal taste, but also a way of literally speaking up. “Fashion is a powerful messaging tool,” affirms Annika Berger, the designer responsible for the Zeitgeist prints, a project by Swedish denim and fashion brand Weekday that has been running since 2011.


The Zeitgeist initiative was created to talk about issues that affect people’s lives and, equally, to simply channel fun things that have gone viral. This, in combination with a mix of youth culture and street style, has turned the Zeitgeist shirts into collectible items over the last years. Lucky are the ones who’ve missed out on purchasing these prints before, as Weekday will be launching re-editions of some of its most popular prints this week. So, here’s your chance to get one of these must-have shirts.


Words by Alejandra Espinosa


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