Weekday presents its ‘Peace Force’

A meaningful collab with the Non-Violence Project.


Ever heard of the Non-Violence Project? Perhaps its “knotted gun” graphic? If not, Weekday is here to remind you what this non-profit organization—and in the end, a better world—is all about. The reminder comes in the form of Peace Force: a dually dubbed project that enables you to protest violence in daily life.

First of all, there’s a new network. Formed by nine individuals, the members of this activist collective have all in some way or another been affected by violence and therefore take a stand against it. The start of their effort is Weekday’s campaign, which promotes the initiative on a large scale. What’s next is a chance to closely work with the Non-Violence Project to inspire and guide others—including schools, sports teams and community centres—to solve conflicts without violence.

So, what exactly is the NVP? Since 1993, this non-profit foundation has held violence prevention programs around the world, focusing on conflict management and self-esteem building. Globally, the foundation has already educated more than 6 million people to date. The NVP’s most recognisable gesture is its graphic: the knotted gun. Created by the artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, and inspired by John Lennon’s vision on world peace, the gun was originally a sculpture outside the UN headquarters in NYC. Later, replicas were revealed in various iconic places and spaces all over the world.

From the street to your tee—and back to the street—the knotted gun is now the recurring symbol in Weekday’s Peace Force-collection. Beyond statement t-shirts, the collection includes scarves, hoodies, belts and fanny packs. Executed in green, orange and black—the colours of European emergency vehicles—take to the streets and show your true colours, “inspired by dreams and hopes of a better society”.



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