Weekday masters the art of collage

Say hello to a harsh-but-hopeful autumn season.


Formal but athletic, snugly but exposed, minimal but futuristic—to be honest, there’s not a lot of collections that can pull this all off… Led by creative director Louise Lasson, however, Weekday’s autumn/winter collection celebrates just that: juxtaposition.

With every look being composed of a number of unique building blocks, the new season sees Weekday’s design team taking inspiration from the abstract shapes of collage. Much like a wearable puzzle, solid items meet deconstructed elements for you to play around with, and to create a complete picture.


Although some pieces may seem somewhat dark at first—think: military colours, heavy knits, big trousers, sturdy gloves and high-reaching turtlenecks—there’s also a much lighter sense of optimism that filters through. After all, a boost of energy to counter the gloomy weather might come in handy.

Not just the art of collage, but also humans are an important starting for this collection. According to creative director Lasson, the pieces are based on subcultural heroes; the ones “who take a stand for that they believe in.” For a season when the days are short and vibrancy is often lacking, we definitely need some of this.



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