Get drunk on Weaves

The praised band turning difference into indie pop.


Combine, clash, craft, repeat; combine, clash, craft, repeat. The process behind Weaves’ self-titled debut album extracts intrigue from dissidence. Members Jasmyn Burke (vocals), Morgan Waters (guitar), Zach Bines (bass) and Spencer Cole (drums) get along by not getting along. Their disagreement and difference concocts a marvellous melee any listener will get drunk on.

Praise has been rolling in from Noisey, NME, Rolling Stone and The FADER—and for good reason. Their infectious tracks flirt with both pop and alternative rock, all while sipping from a glass of novelty-turns-chromatic.

The flashing of Waters’ head-winding guitar with Burke’s magnetic voice in tracks like Tick or Candy is a sonic kaleidoscope, while other standout tracks, including Two Oceans or Coo Coo, deserve to be heard out loud, not through headphones. With their debut, the indie pop band of the future have proved they’re worth checking out.


Weaves’ debut album is out now on Memphis Industries

By Emily Vernon

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