We asked Eartheater to predict the future in 3 tracks

“I think the idea of the future is corny.”


NYC-based artistic polymath Alexandra Drewchin—better known as Eartheater—is experimental music’s current darling. Raw energy and emotion permeate her work, with a sense of curiosity that underlies the artist’s ever-evolving investigation of new instruments and vocal expressions.

Eartheater’s latest album, Irisiri, is a 41-minute dreamscape that takes us on an otherworldly journey of debunking sonic conventions and societal presumptions. The singer, songwriter and producer is unapologetic when it comes to testing the limits of her comfort zone, and C.L.I.T, the title of what is possibly the centrepiece of Irisiri, stands for the mantra under which she exists and creates; Curiosity Liberates Infinite Truth.

Drawn to her intrepid spirit, Glamcult wanted to enter Eartheater’s universe. To do so, we chose futurity and music to guide us. The artist seems to inhabit year 3019, but when we asked her to define the future of sound through 3 tracks, the result we received was both everything we expected it to be and nothing we could ever imagine. Find out why below, and don’t dare miss her live show at De School on May 2.

“I think the idea of the future is corny. I’m not interested in trying to predict it. Different places, cultures, and individuals have completely different futures. Also, how can we assume that we know everything about what already exists? People arrive on different things at different times. Not to mention, ghosts of a brilliant “future” have already been suppressed and choked for ages—like Nikola Tesla or something—and marginalized and persecuted people, obviously—for thousands of years.” 

“So, that being said, I’m going to just use this opportunity to plug my boy Ize, who’s going to blow up. You’re welcome.”

“Watch out for his new full length coming later this year and follow him on Instagram.”

“Then, I’m topping this trinity off with a song by Big Klit, whom I just found out about. She is NEXT.”

Eartheater + Eklin 

2 May, 2019

s105, De School Amsterdam


Words by Eartheater and Valkan Dechev

Photography by Elise Gallant

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