“A unique, bewildering viewing experience”

Gc contributors Sofie and Maarten unveil solo exhibition.


As a creative power couple, unified by their love for technical and conceptual innovation, Sofie Middernacht and Maarten Alexander join to make an unbeatable artist duo. Well known for their fashion photography—aka Glamcult cover shoots— the creative pair have announced their exhibition of personal work at Antwerp’s Ingrid Deuss Gallery.


Entitled Vulnerable Dimensions, the collection questions the idea of choices and the challenges we face by making them. Producing a series of portraits that can only be viewed from a right angle—fading to black if seen from any other perspective—the pair supplies a fragile and intimate exhibit that forces you to look the portrait right in the eyes “resulting in a unique, bewildering viewing experience.”

With their partnership being just over two years old, the artists have learned together, that less is more when directing their subjects which leads to “them looking for boundaries to which they can push.” Indulge in these crisp, semi-disappearing images and find yourself questioning the “fugitive nature in which choices often present themselves.”

27 January (Opening at 7pm) until 11 March





Words by Lottie Hodson


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