This brand is driving life into throwaway clothes

Get your slow fashion must-haves from 2.


Inspired by his innate talent for bargain hunting and a romanticized obsession with 80s and 90s teen movies, Giuliano Bolivar founded clothing brand 2. With the name referring to its black-and-white colour scheme as well as the two in second-hand, the young stylist brings throwaway pieces back to life—and just launched an online store.

“Almost every single piece that I put out is one of a kind”, he tells Glamcult. “It’s a second-hand piece that I have found and believe has the potential to be worn perfectly again.” Some of 2’s pieces are heavily customized, whilst others are already perfect the way they are. As his first audience, Giuliano’s friends reacted fondly to his sustainable fashion and the way it discourages an item’s disposability. “People liked the fact that it was a sustainable and slow fashion concept which doesn’t look ‘green’ at all.”


When browsing the slick—black and white—online store, expect to see classic items with a unique twist; white mom jeans customized with hand drawn flames, graphic tees with illustrations and hand sewn details. With each item hand picked and hand customized, it’s the perfect place to grab that one-of-a-kind garment to make everyone else jealous.

With the marketing being just as important as the clothes, Giuliano takes great care over making sure his models are just as exciting as his pieces. “There’s always a certain magic about seeing someone down the street (most of the time it’s someone who isn’t even aware of how gorgeous they are) and turning them into what they would look like if they were in my world. It’s like playing dollhouse at times, and I love my Barbies!”

So what’s in store for 2 in the future? Giuliano promises to show more beautiful faces, bodies and clothes whilst providing a deeper background story behind each and every talent. “There are way too many beautiful people around me doing great things, and I feel like it’s time to shine a brighter light on all of them.”


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Photography: Cedric Jean Pierre Pradel

All pieces (re)made and styled by Giuliano Bolivar

Models: Jette and Matis


Words by Lottie Hodson

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