Tune into the Queerzone

A podcast you’ll actually want to hear.


Who needs a break from heteronomative radio? Hail Queerzone3000, a podcast talking—as well as giggling—about the things you’ll actually want to hear. Its latest episode includes two super smart boys, a Donald Trump Piñata video, a new punk documentary, and Vivienne Westwood being fired as a schoolteacher. It also touches on people trying to sell air on eBay. Really. Yet this is not the mind-numbing babble we so often hear on radio stations; trying to force-feed stereotypical entertainment, jokingly discussing queer culture and stripping away its legitimacy.


Aside from reporting on music and events, Queerzone3000 hosts a chat room and projects such as Fistahood House: a physical space for conversations and art that does not profit from the struggles of queer lives. Listen up!


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