“It’s great not to feel weird for a change”

Don’t miss out on Amsterdam’s Trans*gender Film Festival.


The regrettable absence of authentic representations of [the lives of] transgender and gender-diverse people has led the community to speak for itself, counteracting mainstream imagery and conceptions with real artistic expressions. In comes the five-day film festival TranScreen, which officially kicked off in Amsterdam last night. TranScreen aims at increasing awareness of gender diversity, visibility, acceptance and the equality of people whose sexual identity defies sexual/gender normativity.

Yes, we fuck!

As expressed by its organisers, TranScreen is an inspiring, cultural and informative festival that provides a safe environment for diversity and acceptance: “During TranScreen we, as a community, are represented on the screen and is gender diversity the norm. We live 24/7 in a binary world, and it’s great not to feel strange or weird for a change. We are not rarity, but just people of all sorts and sizes.” Besides offering a varied range of international films, the festival offers discussions on intersectionality with the purpose of fighting oppression and challenging established, binary gender constructs. TranScreen is on until this coming Sunday.


Oh, and here’s the beautiful trailer of the festival’s opening film.

13 until 17 September

Various locations in Amsterdam




Words by Alejandra Espinosa

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