Total Freedom takes on Amsterdam

The iconic DJ is welcomed at UDOU II next Friday.  


We couldn’t let the fact go amiss that Total Freedom is coming to Amsterdam on 4 November. Offering a constantly innovative take on electronic music, the work of Ashland Mines revolves around an all-round, highly charged experience of music. A founding member of the legendary Fade to Mind crew, working alongside teammates such as Fatima Al Qadiri and Kingdom—and recently, the legendary artist Isa Genzken—the artist has spread his experimental wings and created many cross-genre gems.

As a constant globetrotter, making regular appearances in LA, New York (GHE20G0TH1K, anyone?) and Berlin, we couldn’t be happier that Amsterdam has been chosen as Total Freedom’s next pit stop. At the second edition of UDOU, TF will perform alongside a lengthy list of cool-but-cryptic acts—including Zgjim, An Ni, Yon Eta, War Tone and Sphynx.

Just in case none of the above rings a bell, expect beautiful dark twisted fantasy beats on a merciless dance floor. Art hub by day, club by night, OT301 will be transformed into a musical sanctuary in which you can dance the hell out of your worries. Home to many experimental events, the former film academy will act as a unique venue hosting an even more unique line-up. For a small entrance fee of €5 before midnight, this is definitely more than worth it.



4 November, 10pm until 3am


OT301, Amsterdam

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Find more Total Freedom here.

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