Torus sparks a trance revolution [epilepsy warning]

It’s time to grab your official merchandise.


In a determined pursuit to gain trance music its (deserved) spot at De School Amsterdam, Joeri Woudstra—aka Torus—recently formed a group with fellow DJs Job Jobse, Elias Mazian, Woody, Oceanic and Luc Mast. The six trance enthusiasts molded into a collective with the desire to spark a revolution, which materialized at a memorable club night called ‘De Trance’ this past month. In order to exceed the limits of sonic as well as visual expectations, the collective invited ID&T to provide all the right lasers.

During the night, programmers and DJs sported a trance top created by the organizers in order to make a “super bold trance music statement to reinforce the idea that this evening would be the trance revolution, as if it was part of some bigger movement.” After a high level of demand from partygoers, Torus decided to design a black version, now available for the public to purchase. In collaboration with photographer Viktor Naumovski, he has provided Glamcult with exclusive images of the limited-edition Tees.

Describing the strangest thing that occurred during the event, Torus divulges a dreamlike crowd surfing tale. Being the longest he has ever played at a club, from 11pm until 9.30am, the producer describes how towards the end of the night he played a collaborative unreleased song with Oceanic and “crowd surfed in the middle of the lasers.” So whether you want to take this revolution serious or not, Glamcult had to know if De Trance will make a return. According to Torus, “it was a legendary night but I’m not sure if we should do it too often.” Our fingers are crossed for a round two.



Photography: Viktor Naumovski

Art direction and design: Joeri Woudstra

Website: Joeri Woudstra and Vera van de Seyp

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