Torus drops trans-inspired soundtrack

A musical homage to the sex workers of Cape Town.


Created for the most marvelous, Torus has just dropped his The Castle EP. Teaming up with fashion designer Duran Lantink and photographer Jan Hoek for their joint project Sistaaz of the Castle, the Dutch producer created sounds to match a collection inspired by Cape Town’s trans sex workers and their colourful looks. Five muses inspired the designs, picked for their strength to dress exuberantly in whatever they find on the streets.

The project calls for open-minded creativity and the ability to imagine. Which is just how Torus approached his part. Stripping the fashion show of its banality, he aimed to rid himself of the cultural and social associations that come with sex work, South Africa and trans sexuality.

With a sonically—and visually—challenging soundtrack, Torus manages to take us far beyond the cliché of ‘fashion show music’. Listen here!



Photography: Team Peter Stigter


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