Experience the defiant beauty of Tinariwen

From the Sahara to Paradiso Amsterdam.


Born in the Sahara desert, these brilliant Tuareg musicians play from the bottom of their hearts and with all the strength of their beings. If you don’t know them, now is your chance to see them live. Tinariwen, well known for being the rockstars-slash-rebels of the northern region of Mali, are now on tour in different European cities, and will take the stage at Paradiso Amsterdam tomorrow.

Tinariwen’s music is situated somewhere between blues, folk, rock and tichumaren—a musical aesthetic that developed in Northern Africa as a response to the arduous political landscape that followed the departure of the colonizers, in which these social formations came into existence.

The band has been together for over three decades and is characterized by its interplay of male and female voices, channelling politically charged stories that speak of the fight between the government and rebels, and the divide in which Mali was left after the peace treaty was signed in the 90s.

Tomorrow you’ll have the chance to see the group in Amsterdam, performing with their signature urban veils and traditional African instruments. Just in case you can’t make it: listen to Tinariwen’s latest album—featuring Kurt Vile and Mark Lanegan, among others—here.

Words by Alejandra Espinosa


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