Enter the club realm with a special touch

Glamcult presents immersive fashion performances at De School Amsterdam.

Video still from Donna Verheijden's Land of Desire, Happy is the New Black.

Reacting to the work of Donna Verheijden, Glamcult is curating three immersive performances during Tijdgenoten #2—featuring fashion designers Rushemy Botter, Sophie Hardeman and Das Leben am Haverkamp. As a collaborative event embodying all regions of the creative spectrum, Tijdgenoten is a unique art-meets-club-night that’s not to be missed. What do you desire?

Antwerp-based talent Rushemy Botter stormed the VFILES runway this year with an unconventional army of boys. Tackling racial and body issues through a colourful collection that idiomatically captures the zeitgeist, his work caught the critical eye of Young Thug and Naomi Campbell, amongst others. Challenging greater issues through his hybrid menswear, the Dutch designer merges inspiration from all around the globe—stretching from a poor young boy in the Dominican Republic who “made one garment from two sweaters” to the Mighty Mongrel Mob (a violent New Zealand motorcycle gang). When learning how his masterpieces are created, it puts even more meaning behind the hard-hitting slogans draped across his designs. “Enemy of terrorism.”


Image courtesy of Vogue Runway

Taking on New York for the second time in 2016, Amsterdam-based designer Sophie Hardeman presented ‘Where The Grass Is Greener’, turning heads with her notably eclectic mix of models. Solidifying her spot as one the Netherlands’ most daring fashion talents, the designer turns denim inside out and upside down, revealing just enough body parts to keep you daydreaming. Gathering inspiration from day-to-day life, the rising star relies on serendipitous moments to fuel her mastery; “status quo is to be looking good dressed bad, so basically you can get away with anything.”


Image by Jimmy Tagliaferri

Hailing from The Hague, designer collective Das Leben am Haverkamp are set to leave a mark in 2017 with their first big show. Having previously put on a magical performance with Glamcult at SPRMRKT, these unconventional talents constantly question and blur the boundaries of art, design and fashion. Employing the use of humour, fantasy, alter-egos and various other themes not stereotypically associated with fashion design, this power house collective bond over their shared desire to break down the imaginative borders constructed around their discipline. With an unrestricted method to design, the quartet is constantly thinking outside the box to deliver the most diverse collections possible.

Image by Imke Ligthart

Image by Imke Ligthart

12 January 2017, 8PM

De School Amsterdam


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