Young filmmaker Donna Verheijden to exhibit at De School

Dance, dream and rethink your desires with De School and Glamcult.


Collaborating with videographer/graphic designer Donna Verheijden and media art institute LIMA, De School has proudly announced round two of its innovative event Tijdgenoten (Contemporaries). Get ready for an immersive art-meets-club-night on the 12th of January, hosted by De School and Glamcult.

Transforming the renovated Amsterdam school we all know into a haven for the arts, Tijdgenoten #2 is a night to indulge in video works that highlight the “persuasive impact of commercial, pop and visual cultural on our behaviour”. Focusing on themes of identity, mass media, beauty standards and staged reality in relation to human behaviour, Verheijden will be showcasing four old and new video installations.

Inspired by her hometown Sao Paulo, “the first metropolis in the world to ban billboards and street advertisements completely”, the Sandberg Institute graduate hopes to draw attention to a similar premise; shifting our visual surrounding into a critical space rather than constantly being surrounded (and influenced) by mass media and advertisements.



With mind-boggling imagery, the artist questions: what effect does visual culture have on our daily lives? And how to strategically interrupt and surpass its mechanisms of power?

Enter the club realm with a special touch organized and curated by yours truly; Glamcult is teaming up with a selection of designers to re-enact themes or scenes from Verheijden’s work through fashion and performance art. As a collaborative event embodying all regions of the creative spectrum, Tijdgenoten #2 is one that’s not to be missed. What do you desire?


12 January 2017, 8PM

De School Amsterdam


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More acts to be announced!

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