This week’s must-sees at ‘Cinema Erotica’

Soft porn, cult classics and the female gaze.

EYE Film Institute

To ensure you won’t miss out on the best of EYE’s ongoing Cinema Erotica theme, Glamcult is offering you a guide to some of this week’s must-sees. From empowering female perspectives to sensual darkroom exposures and a spine-wincing experience—here’s what the Amsterdam film institute is transmitting onto the big screen.

Tonight is devoted to surprising and erotically charged trailers of equally enticing films as to experience the development of the pornographic genre over time. Discussing its evolution will be a number of experienced intellectuals in the field of sexual desires. Eloquently pronouncing her explorations of sexuality is Dutch activist and sex educator Marije Janssen, who will be providing her vision on the arousing and sense-tingling topic and the many manifestations it takes on. Blogging about the ineffable presence of the erotic in our daily lives and the many tangled complexities hinged to sex, she hopes to push ahead another much-needed sex revolution. Accompanying those enlightening proclamations is the first Dutch porn director having translated enveloped fantasies onto film with porn classics Pruimenbloesem (1982) and ‘n Schot in de roos (1983).

EYE Film Institute - still from Pruimenbloesem

EYE Film Institute – still from Pruimenbloesem

To get an intrinsic film rouge experience, attend tomorrow night’s screening of James Bidgood’s queer cult classic Pink Narcissus. Get to know the alter ego of a gorgeously handsome male prostitute and share in his pleasure as he becomes completely in awe of himself. What’s more this week? A screening of the 70s art house classic by the iconic Andy Warhol is set to take shape. As a parody of Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard, Warhol’s Heat (1972) explores the darker side of LA’s secret after hours and its many seductive surprises.


As the epitome of pop art, Warhol represents an art and design style that is unfortunately criticized for upholding a mechanized depiction of the female form and female sexuality. To test this thought and investigate the extent to which these claims can be deemed valid, balance out your perspectives to the many stills independent filmmaker Jennifer Lyon Bell has lined up. That includes her own, cinematic response to Warhol’s Blow Job (1963), entitled Head Shot (2006). As a founder of the independent Amsterdam film company Blue Artichoke Filmscreating films that offer a flip side to the generic, stereotypical sex scenes—the Harvard graduate indulges her audience in lengthy and sweaty sex scenes that are beyond explicit.

Experimenting with the illuminating power of arthouse films and porn graphics as to showcase the delightfully awkward, riveting and intensely intimate undressed encounters; question the idea as to whether or not porn can be considered as art this coming Saturday. We, for one, can’t get enough of EYE’s homage to love and lust.

Cinema Erotica, EYE Amsterdam

On until the 19th of June


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