This secret rave offers you a safe space

London’s underground takes on Amsterdam tomorrow.


If your weekend plans aren’t quite determined (or even if they are) we’ve got news for you: London club collective UNITI will be in Amsterdam for a secret party. Joining forces with local DJ and Glamcult favourite Lyzza and inviting Torus, amongst others, expect all that’s rare, heavy and electrifying in alternative dance music. Equally important, this night fully embraces its function as a safe space where letting go actually means letting go and respect for each other is key. We chatted to Lyzza about the party’s promises—and how you can attend.

You’re co-organizing UNITI in Amsterdam for the first time. How did that come about?

I’ve known UNITI for quite some time now (about two years) and they booked me for their one-year anniversary in April with Klein, Kablam and Shygirl. They were going to be in Amsterdam the weekend of the 26th and we all felt like it would be a missed opportunity to have them go back to London before we were able to fuck some shit up—in a good way, haha.

Judging from your Instagram post, the rave is a reaction to Amsterdam’s very regulated nightlife and the type of underground nightlife we often miss here. What makes UNITI different?

After having travelled to cities like Berlin and London to DJ and being able to see what the parties there were all about, I changed my whole perspective on the nightlife in Amsterdam. When I stayed in London for the UNITI gig last April, I went to one of the funnest parties ever, held in a squat where they had three rooms, an inside garden and Mykki Blanco randomly walked in to do an performance. Not only that but everyone there came to enjoy the music, dance and come together. My problem with the nightlife here isn’t that it’s regulated per se, it’s that a lot of it has started revolving around making as much money as possible and image. There’s not a lot of thought that goes into the location, the vibe, the decoration or the whole experience of the night; and there’s not a lot of places where people can go and totally be themselves without fearing to be ridiculed or judged. This is what makes UNITI different; UNITI will always be implementing their safe space policies, which include that ANY prejudice, harassment or hurtful behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated  (every guest will be shown the policies before they enter the party).


We feel like (commercialized) nightlife and dance music are often separated from their function as a safe haven for minorities or a political space. Are you aiming to bring back this consciousness?

We all feel like offering a safe haven to people is very important. We go through life all week having to mould ourselves according to our surroundings such as work or school. People of Colour and LGBTQ+ usually face several intended and unintended micro-aggressions from people around them throughout the week. So when the weekend arrives, we’re supposed to go to parties and worry about not dressing or dancing too weird and fully letting go so that other people won’t judge? Nah, son.

I find it ridiculous that usually there are no consequences for people who decide to throw around racist/homophobic/offensive terms in clubs. I totally believe in freedom of speech, but freedom of speech doesn’t mean there are no consequences to the stuff you say. We go through enough day-to-day shit already for us to be in clubs (wanting to have fun) and having to deal with that also.

In terms of artists and music, what can we expect? Which track will we definitely be hearing? 

We’re not limiting the DJs to anything and we feel like a party like this is also a fun challenge for the DJs to experiment with tracks they probably wouldn’t normally put in their set list If they got booked. I know Torus and Yoong are very much into (Euro)trance-inspired music, Englesia and I are really into bass-heavy club tracks and last time I heard Terribilis spin, I recall she had some amazing 160BPM tunes. In terms of music I’m expecting a lot of things from all over the underground club spectrum to be honest. I’ve been obsessed with DJ HOODCORE’s Phyre (Mike G Remix), so that’s a song I’ll definitely be spinning.

For anyone reading this and thinking: “I need to go!” What should she/he do and keep in mind?

Keep in mind that it’s a secret party so we’ll be sending out the address this Saturday at 9.30pm. To get the address we’re asking everyone to RSVP by emailing the word “AMSTERDAM” to unitiparty[at] Any RSVP received after 9.30PM on 26/8 will not be responded to.

UNITI x Amsterdam

26 August, secret location

Attend on Facebook for details!


Lead image: Justin Antonius

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