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Listing the best of Amsterdam’s iconic music venue.

Kevin Morby

To get you through long summer days and nights, Paradiso has lined up a roll call of artists we couldn’t leave unmentioned. From performers producing sound sketches veiled in bright filters and artists enrapturing audiences in warm soundscapes to energizing dance acts that set the ground shaking. We say only engage in what you genuinely love—and these are definitely love-soaked.

Barbagallo | 26 June

Everything sounds sexy in French, that’s a fact. Also, this is why we should engage in the language regularly. Mixing classical French chansons with pop and folk set to drum snares and pedal crunches, allow Barbagallo’s seductive sound to transport you to the Rivièra, meadows, seafronts or anything remotely French, so you can further drift off into music that will have you jogging for geographic assimilation this summer. Au revoir!

The Avalanches | 27 June

The tracks of this Australian electronic music group thrive on that perfect fuzzed-up feeling. Producing indie-pop paired with uplifting visuals, we’re wondering if the Avalanches are just too good to follow up from. Stimulate your ears with their rhythmic and sample-heavy tunes as they usher you into an entirely new way of listening.

Mario | 29 June

Oh yes, the ’90s heartthrob is still at it. We’re all guilty of setting his infectious Let Me Love You on repeat. But, before falling into a tired habit, you might want to explore another, unexpected side. Having disclosed that an album is in the making and set to release this year, expect beats that will have you equally hooked but touch base in unknown territories. Rumor has it Mario will be mixing in some K-pop. Don’t let doubters bend your ear on this one; even they’ll be wondering why the fucking hell their fucking feet are tapping.

Kevin Morby | 9 July

Nurturing sound that has a countrified spirit to it, Kevin Morby opens the floodgates on his warm, soulful tracks that include cascading swirls of raw but cheery emotion. Particularly, his latest album—released on Dead Oceans—pens out warm, heartfelt love letters that aren’t the sobbing kind. Including a plurality of tracks packed with brisk energy that echoes of spaces he has crossed or imagined, Morby’s overall sound is as soothing as it is energizing. With a welcoming voice allowing anyone oozing positive energy has a right of passage.

The Magpie Salute | 10 July

These are the get-up kids hailing from a past century, bringing back old-school rock in new-school attire. As a band brought in formation by Rich Robinson, formerly of The Black Crowes, it fosters great sounds from some of (pop)rock’s heroes. Counting a total of ten members, each professional attention seekers—completely bonkers and completely brilliant—you’re invited to lose the plot on some colliding and colluding tunes.

Tuxedo | 12 July

In the same way they wear their suits like a dandy, their music is filled with presence. Grammy-winning duo Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One are masters at bridging past and present. Jake has produced for hip-hop legends and pop geniuses such as Drake, Future, The Weeknd and De La Soul, to name a few, and Mayer Hawthorne has a gifted talent to create incredibly catchy hooks. Which makes these two disco darlings a perfect pairing for some roof-raising parties. This time set in Paradiso’s HQ, their beloved tunes will leave you in that feel-good mood for days on end.

Moon Hooch | 25 July

Band members Wilbur, Wenzl and James are laying down a 21st-century groove. What this entails exactly? Some digital, electronic influences paired with bright jazz and upbeat funk. Ranking highly on the Richter scale, the swinging saxophone tunes featured on Moon Hooch’s ebullient tracks gets the ground shaking. Scheduled to perform songs emitting an energy that bounces off the walls, Paradiso has already been notified to take precautionary measures (so you don’t need to).


Lead image: Kevin Morby

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