This exhibition merges London and Berlin’s underground

You have three more days to see it.


Meeting for the first time a little over two years ago, stylist Erik Raynal and the creative minds behind SORT Studio—whom all happen to be Glamcult contributors—are a match made in heaven (though hell is probably more fitting, in this case). With Raynal’s background in fine art and fashion, SORT’s passion for freedom of expression, and a shared love for underground culture, their first joint exhibition is a guaranteed recipe for success.

A marriage of London’s rave aesthetics and Berlin’s underground, the exhibition Sound & Noise is a stunning example of Raynal’s skill, down to the smallest detail. Talking to Raynal, who makes his debut as a curator with this show, it is clear just how much love and thought went into the gloomy expo.


With work exclusively extracted from SORT’s upcoming fourth zine, the result is a wholly immersive installation connecting photography, video, sound, light and live performance; “taking the concept of the magazine and translating it into the physical space.” Not “[wanting] to do this in a typical gallery, more like a project space”, the use of Space_31 in Berlin is the perfect match.

The work on show at Sound & Noise is raw, mirroring the gutted concrete of its surroundings with pieces by Amy Gwatkin, Joseph Delaney, Matt King and Slava Mogutin, among others. Open until the 23rd of June, this is definitely not one to be missed.





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Words by Louise Goodger

Photography by George Nebieridze

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