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Get to know Simon Kaiser.


In anticipation of his DJ-set at Bread & Butter, Glamcult caught up with Berlin club connoisseur Simon Kaiser. Describing himself as “loud, ambitious, straightforward, energetic and confident”, the young producer has become a welcome guest in the German capital’s fashion realm. His music, however, travels way beyond—sending us on a disorienting but very welcome trip.

Your sets include a wide range of music, from hard-hitting beats to trance-like soundscapes and Rihanna’s Sex With Me. What do you consider the best ingredients to a winning club night?

Personally I think fun is the most important ingredient. It sounds simple but it’s based on so many different influences and variables. I think it’s very important to create an open environment, because fun should be inclusive. I really dislike the development of clubs and club nights that are feeling increasingly hostile and elitist. People should always remember how nightlife started.

As a producer, what are you currently working on? In what sort of (mental or physical) place are your tracks born?

I actually put a hold on my EP, which I planned to release this year, because I had so many other projects I wanted to focus on. Now I’m working on music again and it feels good. I did really miss expressing myself in this form. In the future I want to work on experimental R&B and collaborate with as many artists as possible.

From shooting with Matt Lambert to being featured by Berlin Fashion Week and playing an Ottolinger party, fashion seems to especially like you. What’s your personal relationship to fashion/style?

I met a lot of interesting people in fashion in the past year, people who work in all kinds of areas and made me feel like you don’t necessarily have to focus on one specific thing, but can work on multiple different projects while basically all of them can benefit each other. I think the barriers between music, art and fashion are getting thinner and thinner, which is something I’m very excited about. I wasn’t really connected to the fashion world before, but recently got in touch with parts of the fashion world that I wasn’t aware of before. Personally I wear whatever I feel comfortable in.

You’re playing at B&&B by Zalando this weekend and this year’s theme is BOLD. What does living boldly mean to you?

I think being bold is to face your fears and realize what u as a person can accomplish, and then work on this as hard as possible.

A recurring symbol in your artwork is the rose. What does it symbolize?

For me the rose symbolizes giving and sharing and therefore “TRADE”.

On Instagram you posted about a non-profit project you’re working on. Can you tell us more about this?

I can’t say too much now, but the general idea is to work with multiple creators on starting a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a cause that I’m going to announce soon.

Which young and Berlin-based artists are you keeping an eye on and should we really get to know?

I’m very excited for the up-and-coming tattoo artist Sarah Little. In regard to music I suggest everyone to check out ALIS, who just released two new tracks on Infinite Machine. Everyone should take a look at the No Shade Collective and see how they are actively contributing to a better club landscape. Also, I’m very stoked about what mechatok has in store for us in the future.

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