This August, we’re burning the house down

Tracks that won’t let the sun set 🌞


Isn’t August the most mind-boggling time of year? It pats you on the back to then serve you a face-slap. Is it that the sun is still beaming but you can’t ignore your boss’s hopeless emails, warning you to bring your tanned ass back in the office?

Uncanny times, without a doubt. But we know a way you can give the middle finger to everything that lets your summer vibe die out.

Succumb to the rhythm of our new playlist and trust the 2-hour selection of killer-beats to do its thing. This month’s unending eargasm starts off with Santigold’s empowering Coo Coo Coo—a cutting response to catcallers, part of her freshly released dancehall album I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions. Blood Orange’s brilliant Charcoal Baby follows up—a teaser to his highly anticipated Negro Swan project that we are beyond excited about—gracing our music selection shoulder to shoulder with Dutch R&B darling-in-the-making Cero Ismael and Nigerian American sensation VanJess.

And that’s not even half of the armour that will help us stop the sun from ever setting down. French LGBTQ icon Kiddy Smile meshes ballroom culture with 90electronic beats on Burn the House Down and Robyn’s Missing U blesses the gays in ways we simply can’t put into words. So, August, take THAT.

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Curated by Marjolijn Verkerk

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