This art-meets-fashion collab will keep you ticking

Komono joins forces with 10 international artists.


What happens when (precious) time comes together with (precious) art? A striking answer is provided by Komono, which has just launched its collaboration with a diverse range of artists from all over the world. Presenting the ‘Signature Collection’ by means of an art series as well as a pop-up exhibition, the Belgian brand asked 10 emerging and established creatives to put their own spin on the unfathomable concept of time and reinterpret the brand’s most beloved watch shapes. Glamcult travelled to Antwerp to see the results, and was expressly struck by the work of two promising participants.

Interested in performative identities and the exploration of contemporary communities, the work of Norwegian photographer Kim Jacobsen To and British stylist Hamish Wirgman aims to reveal a shared vulnerability that’s captured by means of their own medium. For Komono, the London-based duo shot a small series that emanates fashion photography, but also shows a very personal and documentary approach. Straightforward but detailed in its photography and styling, the duo capture their subject with a soft subtlety and candid emotion that keeps us coming back to the magnetic portrait.

Much more abstract but equally appealing is the work of Arcin Sagdic, a photographer whose otherworldly work has previously been published on the pages of Numéro, Off Black and The FADER, to name a few. Constantly examining the boundaries between the real and the imaginary, between science and art, the Berlin-based artist is inspired by anything from people’s daily rituals to Leonardo da Vinci and Richard Feynman. For Komono, Sagdic faded physics and the physical, creating a haunting clockwork compiled of human limbs—a clockwork that won’t stop ticking any time soon.

Read more about the ‘Komono Signature’ collection and see the work of all participants here

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