This Amsterdam party is hugely underrated

Native Self 004 offers an alternative to repetitive club culture.


Celebrating its fourth edition, Native Self is back on the 13th of May at OCCII. Dedicated to “merciless club sounds”, previous parties offered a stage to artists including Toxe, Mechatok, Lisbent and Why Be.

This time around the club night is bringing in HVAD, a social electro-acoustic exploration with dizzying beats, VIPRA, the Rome-based act mixing Lento Violento, Taiko drums and Presenturo riddims, and the Primitive Art boys, whose member Jim just released a compilation on Halcyon Veil—the same label that HVAD and VIPRA released tracks on.

Native Self offers a worthy substitute for exhausted rhythms and drops. Entitled Conspiración Progresso, a nod to the eponymous Milan club nights and compilation, it celebrates understated key players in electronic music. Be sure to not miss out on this nocturnal trip, which kicks off at 9pm and only costs 5 Euros before midnight.


May 13, 2016

OCCII, Amsterdam

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