Think outside the box with The New Originals

The fresh Dutch collective releases a brainy new film.


Conceived and nurtured in Amsterdam, Glamcult collaborators The New Originals celebrate those values for which Amsterdam has become famousits talent for blurring boundaries and basking in diversity. Creating performance clothing for creatives, the whole concept of The New Originals evolves around thinking outside of the box, urging and inspiring young creatives to do the same.

The New Originals’ brand new video by emerging director Rutger van Leeuwen illustrates his perceptions of this subject while thinking far out of the box himself. A piece of visual story-telling, within the space of 60 seconds, you’ll be taken on a journey presenting the notion of thinking beyond boundaries—and the consequences when ordinary thought is broken. The box a metaphor for common thinking, the video embodies the whole concept and aesthetic of The New Originals, moulding it into something stunning and raw. Watch the short film here.


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Words by Louise Goodger


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