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Joana Chicau with Renick Bell, image courtesy of Stimuleringsfonds

A few weeks ago, the Stimuleringsfonds launched its latest enlightening initiative. Platform Talent showcases the Dutch designers who were recently granted support by the cultural fund, but also gives a clear overview of the young creatives who are making an important impact right now. Glamcult gladly dove deep into the brand new database and urges you to do exactly the same. But before you get lost in the designers’ endless fresh thoughts and projects, meet three of our favourites of ’18 right here.

There’s something so sophisticatedly simple about the work of Camiel Fortgens, it’s tricky to express its magic in words. Yet, we’ve been in love with the designer’s output ever since his graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL) in 2014. Immediately going on to found his eponymous label, which has only become better and better since, the fashion talent puts a subtle-but-smart spin on the archetypal pieces of clothing we all know—from white tees and grandma pants to beanies and sweatpants. Coming from a non-fashion background, Fortgens and his work question fashion, as well as the norms it dictates, from the very scratch. His designs are informed by one straightforward and relentless question: “Why?”

How do you translate a complex story into a comprehensible one? It’s the challenge Alice Wong constantly sets for herself, finding answers by means of design. Focussing on the intersection of biographical documentary, media and social phenomena, Wong enables people to comprehend research easily and increase awareness of what we perceive on a daily basis. Born in Amsterdam, raised in Hong Kong, and educated at the Design Academy Eindhoven, the designer often employs the medium of film to clarify what’s convoluted. In 2018, her experimental work—often revolving around socio-political topics such as women’s and cultural matters—was selected among the ‘Best from Dutch Design Week’. Both educational and aesthetically forward, Glamcult looks forward to much more from this rising star.

When you think of interface design, choreography and performance are probably the last things that come to mind. But that, exactly, is the innovative starting point of Joana Chicau. Developing new ways of navigating through physical and digital (aka “phy-gital”) environments, this graphic designer, researcher, performer and coder summarizes her work as “bringing choreographic thinking into interface design”. Glamcult is especially intrigued by the contemporary and interdisciplinary nature of her work—which researches, responds to and guides our way(s) through new media and a data-driven society. If that still sounds a little wishy-washy to you, make sure you watch the artist’s one-minute video right here.

Platform Talent is now online!

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Main image: Joana Chicau with Renick Bell, courtesy of Stimuleringsfonds


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