These five rising talents spell out ‘creativity’

Eavesdrop on the conversations at our dinner party with Zalando.


Last week we introduced six exciting talents who attended the dinner party Glamcult initiated with Zalando and dinner host Imruh Asha. Held at candlelight, the guests feasted on a Japanese-Caribbean vegan menu and ice-cold drinks, curated by the host himself. It was a night to get together, mingle and pass on ideas—which very likely will flourish into new projects (we highly advise you to keep an eye out). But first, let’s introduce you to the remaining guests.


Romeo Pokomasse, art director

What inspires you in 2017? Old ideas, Going through old folders, sketchbooks and notebooks seeing things that I didn’t notice before. Over time you start to see things from different perspectives.

Which song are you playing on repeat that represent your style? One of the songs that I have on repeat at the moment is Moves by Big Sean. It’s about making steps in life and staying busy and focused. I only wear running shoes.

In what way does fashion and style seep into your everyday life and work? Fashion is always around us. I love to scan people’s style in those moments I’m traveling with public transport, for example.

What’s your best styling tip? Something very expensive paired with something very cheap works real well.

Which creative would you like to collaborate with in the [near] future? Christopher Shannon, if you’re reading this: I will work for clothes!


Lisa Dymph Megens, stylist

How important is fashion to you? Nowadays I don’t care so much about fashion in general, or to be on trend. I care about people and I see fashion as a way to tell a story and to translate a feeling, an experience or certain opinion into an image. When I was younger fashion was really a tool to express myself. I grew up in a small village where, like we say in Dutch, “normal was crazy enough”. But everything I wanted to be was anything except normal, so I started to wear different clothes than my classmates and I would dye my hair in different colors. I got called names but I didn’t care. I was obsessed with (fashion) magazines because in a way they encouraged me to be creative and think outside the box. That’s when I realized I wanted to create images so I started to do black-and-white photography and later on I studied Fashion & Branding to develop my love for styling and casting.

What is your ultimate style go-to? Style isn’t a certain piece or look to me. Style is about being confident in your own skin and wearing whatever you feel like. I know that sounds pretty cliché but if I look on the streets, I feel so many people wear something because someone else is wearing it. Which is completely fine, but passing “number 50, long denim Zara jacket” I start to find it all a bit sad.

Which designer currently dominates your wardrobe/or would you wish took over your wardrobe? Currently, I invest so much in my career I can’t really afford to buy designer clothes. Besides, I’m not a person who needs a certain piece that’s in season. But if money were no issue I would buy the whole MM6 A/W17 collection—that’s the dream. Budget tip: they used iPhone chargers as a belt. Yes!

Which person would you LOVE to style and whose style would you love to steal? It’s so difficult to just name one person, I have so many people I admire and would love to meet. For example I’m a big fan of Sampha, his music really does something to me on another level. I was so hyped he made this zine together with one of my favourite photographer duo at the moment, Durimel, and designer Grace Wales Bonner. I hope one day I can be a part of similar creative projects where fashion, music and design come together. Besides that I’m obsessed with (new) faces such as Tabby Wong, King Owusu, Fernanda Oliveira and Shelby Hayes. If I could steal someone’s style, I think I would definitely take everything from Adwoa Aboah’s closet, including her name. She’s so extra, I just can’t.

What’s your favourite film in terms of styling and production? American Honey, it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. Not only is it styled and produced amazingly, but also it has an insane casting—mostly street cast. Sasha Lane takes on the leading role. She’s also someone who I would love to style. She was spotted on Miami Beach, one week before the shooting. I’m really obsessed with reality, so I love movies that have a documentary feel.


Hussein Suleiman, co-founder of Daily Paper

What inspires you in 2017? Positive energy begets positivity, so that’s my main inspiration in 2017. I’m continually developing my spiritual quest and journey and I’m also inspired by the youth; our future.

Which song are you playing on repeat that represents your style? Did You See by J-Hus. It’s a song that fills me with energy and perfectly describes the ambitious feeling that embodies our generation. It’s also a very rhythmic song with African percussion, which is a nice note to his and my own ancestry. In a sense, it describes the feelings and emotions I feel when I get dressed more than it really referencing my style.

In what way does fashion and style seep into your daily activities? I am one of the founders of the clothing label Daily Paper. I have been working in fashion for the last five years now and to be honest, fashion has seeped into every inch of my life. I couldn’t imagine a life without it.

What’s your top styling tip? I often wear a fishing vest over my t-shirts or sweaters. It looks dope and it’s also very functional because it adds many pockets to your outfit.

Which creative would you like to collaborate with in the [near] future? Nabil Elderkin.


Goof Kloosterman, visual artist

What inspires you in 2017? Extreme basement hobbyists, Google Maps travelling, a feeling of contemporary nostalgia, a lack of technical accuracy and bad 3D modeling or special effects.

How do you express your creativity? Mainly through studio work. As an installation artist, I express creativity through experimenting with and re-creating techniques. I hope to build knowledge through a bottom-up approach and hope to stay in awe of and excited about new discoveries.

How important is fashion to you personally? 90% of the time I wear my second-hand studio clothes, which are allowed to get dirty. So my style is mostly based on practicality. But I do enjoy wearing items like my caps, which are a bit unusual and weird. I love to put a smile on someone’s face every now and then.

Which creative would you like to collaborate with in the [near] future? In 2017 I started a studio practice in which I explore the concept of synergy. Inviting close artist, who are dear to me, into my studio and working in the same space for a while. I don’t collaborate with these artists but merely explore how their presence indirectly influences my own work. I’m currently working together with Bram Kuypers. But I would love to extend this concept into other disciplines.

What is your favorite film in terms of styling and production? Anything from the 90s or noughties, which includes what they considered high-tech special effects back then. Next on my list are Robert Zemeckis’ Contact and Beowulf.


Cédric Jean Pierre Pradel, photographer

How important is fashion to you? Fashion is important to me because it is much more than clothes on a model. It’s a natural mix of art, history, and culture and a way to elevate yourself.

What is your ultimate style go-to? A smoking. But the kind that looks like you’ve been partying all night—all loose, sweaty, shirt open, bow tie undone and sticky hair.

Which designer currently dominates your wardrobe or would you wish took over your wardrobe? Currently my wardrobe is filled with Two_official. I would love to own the entire Raf Simons x Mapplethorpe collection or a complete look from Ann Demeulemeester, as well as some Gucci shoes and accessories.

Whose style would you love to steal? Björk, she’s been my idol since I was a teen. And at the moment I really like how Jayden Smith is presenting himself.

What’s your favourite film in terms of styling and production? In the Mood for Love.




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Photography: Ramona Deckers

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