These catsuits will make you feel dizzy (in a good way)

GIF it up for Anouk van de Sande.


Anouk van de Sande graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven [NL] in 2015. Fascinated by the combination of print and motion, she designed her collection ­of dazzling cat suits with an overload of patterns: crossing lines, staggering dots and blending fabrics. Get to know the designer here and spot her work at New Fashion Perspectives, on show in Amsterdam between April 15 and 24.

 What’s the story behind your printed fashion?

After a long period of wearing black being dominant, we are now entering a period of outspokenness. Let your body and personality speak! Motion is emotion, colour is light and prints are your story. My prints make the spectator feel dizzy and disordered. Theatrical effects are overwhelming. The playful movement of dancing colours and lines seduces us. My collection exists of cat suits with superimposed transparent garments. The prints of both layers create an optical illusion where lines cross and colours blend in transparency.

Print In Motion-AnoukvdSande


Being a designer in this current fashion system—what does that mean to you?

I want to break the borders of being a fashion designer. Creativity is unlimited; let’s mix and overrule disciplines. Let’s work together. Surprise, love, care and embrace the world. The ideal fashion industry would be personal, as well as unique to each identity and innovative in each aspect. Slow, sustainable and flexible.

How do you think new fashion technologies will develop in the near future?

We can reach space with our crazy technical ideas. But after a few years we will realise we can better strengthen our natural powers and senses, rather than robotize ourselves.

What do you hope visitors will realise after seeing your work?

That fashion and design are so much more than just what we wear. They can be meaningful and life changing.


The work of Anouk is on show at New Fashion Perspectives between 15 and 24 April at Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam.

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