The University of the Underground rolls into Amsterdam

You’re invited to its first club event.


Everybody has the right to education. Yet with university tuition fees sky-rocketing in an increasingly neglected society, vast numbers of young people are simply unable to follow their dreams and chosen careers. The choice is made for them that higher education is simply not an option. With UK fees peaking in 2018 at £9,250 and a staggering $46,950 in the States, this doesn’t appear to be improving any time soon…

University of the Underground is looking to change this. Bringing a refreshing optimism and positivity to the table, the alternative educative structure was formed with the purpose of creating a global engagement with society as a whole: bringing people together, regardless of generation, in order to democratise access to public institutions and triggering critical debate through the use of creative, experiential and design-oriented practices.


“A form of education that can be on the international stage”, the University is developing an education model to be inclusive and open for all, systematically breaking down our conception of mainstream education. A registered charity, this University—based in club basements and sharing spaces with academic institutions—is not only redefining what it means to learn at degree level, but fighting the barriers imposed by senseless tuition fees while doing so.

This coming Wednesday, University of the Underground is holding its first major event in Amsterdam: Agora Club. Representative of the multi-disciplinary approach, world-renowned musician/performance artist/producer Peaches will join forces with a whole host of speakers and academics at De Marktkantine, bringing a different angle to the conversation. Exploring the act of thinking from its core, the event encapsulates all the University stands for, providing a space to immerse yourself in creativity, conversation and sound.


Wednesday 27 June 2018

De Marktkantine, Amsterdam

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Words by Louise Goodger

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