The taste of Sven and Nina (episode 1)

Take a trip around Berlin with two young creators and Jägermeister.  


As an award-winning photographer and avid painter, Sven Signe den Hartogh creates work that unifies the real and the magic. His girlfriend, Nina Elise van der Meer, runs her own online clothing store, The Deer Collective, and works as a designer and stylist. It’s a Matter of Taste—a creative project by Jägermeister—called upon the twosome to travel to Berlin and explore their distinct taste in art (history) and fashion.


Mauerpark, Prenzlauer Berg

To kick-start their trip, Sven and Nina visited the Mauerpark. This park was built after the notorious Berlin Wall was knocked down, exposing a huge divide within the city.

Sven: “This is an incredibly impressive spot, and now that we’re here I’d love to know more about its history. I’m not usually a city person. That’s kind of a funny contradiction, because I do like this place. I love visiting a city quickly, so it will leave an actual impression and inspire me.

Nina: “Beautiful how the green of the park and grey concrete here come together.”

Berlin Wall, Prenzlauer Berg

Berlin Wall, Prenzlauer Berg

Sven aspires to push the boundaries of painting, using his skills to express himself in a burst of colour. Exercising an eclectic mix of materials as his canvas, he employs shoes, jeans, and walls for the basis of his mastery. That being said, the Berlin wall was an especially unique space for him.

Sven: “This is such an iconic place, to create a work here is very special. I’ve been playing around with the idea of making art in public for a while now, so I can share it interactively rather than keep it in my own zone. Painting here really touched me somehow.”

Nina: “Street art has two extremes. I understand why some people aren’t fond of it. There’s the quick and ugly graffiti you come across in places where it doesn’t belong, but then there’s also the beautiful street art like the work you see on the Berlin Wall, where it does belong.”

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