The Royal Moffie Family

From pyramids to Victorian brothels, AK47s to Naomi Campbell.


When Dutch photographer Jan Hoek came across a photo on the internet of a South African transgender sex worker, he set about tracking her down in Cape Town. Fascinated by her ability to improvise outfits from the most hideous of garments, Hoek invited the woman and her co-workers to design their own clothes, capturing them for his new series, The Royal Moffie Family. With Dutch fashion designer Duran Lantink having lent his talents to reify the women’s designs, the collection aspires to push boundaries, to spread the message that being “different” should be celebrated and honoured worldwide. From pyramids to Victorian brothels, AK47s to Naomi Campbell, Hoek uses his camera to make the girls’ dreams come true, creating his dream photo shoot at the same time…

By Doria Arkoun

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