‘The Noise of Being’ questions the meaning of being human

Envision the terrific/horrific narratives of an uncanny world.

Joey Holder

Enter a world that questions your very existence. Somewhat like a Charlie Brooker scenario coming to life for this year’s Sonic Acts Festival, The Noise of Being harbours the work of five international artists who speculate on what it really means to be human.

Taking you back in time whilst also transporting you to the future, Justin Bennett, Zach Blas, Kate Cooper, Joey Holder and Pinar Yoldas present visual works that encourage the audience to take center stage and “imagine other possible species and impossible environments.”

Upon entrance you will be met with a never-ending reel of questions regarding technology, (non)humans, synthetic alien biologies and society as we currently know it. By “envisioning fantastic and horrific narratives of an uncanny world with alternative modes of existence”, this expo offers strategies for questioning and understanding the role of being human and further contemplating our surroundings.

Opening tonight at Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam and running until the end of Sonic Acts Festival, the artists will present their eclectic selection of site-specific installations for you to fully immerse yourself. During the festival conference, the artists will also present their work in a series of guided tours, workshops and artists talks.

As a festival that exposes a strong focus on contemporary and historical developments within art, music, science and technology, Sonic Acts has developed into an organization for research. Focusing on a specific theme every year, Sonic Acts holds a conference, multiple exhibitions, concerts, performances and screenings to shine a light on a broad spectrum of contemporary practices. This year’s edition runs from 23 until 26 February—but already kicks off today.

Work by Pinar Yoldas

Pinar Yoldas

1 February until 26 February

Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam



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Words by Lottie Hodson

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