“tbh i dunno if i have feelings”

Emerging artist Ben Elliot celebrates first solo show in Paris.


Hosted and curated by art accelerator Artagōn, known for its distinguished interest in upcoming contemporary artists, Ben Elliot currently exhibits his debut solo show in Very Art Space Paris. tbh I dunno if I have feelings consists of a set of connected works focusing on materiality, transparency and tangibility. Considering the title’s lack of emotion, there seems to be a paradoxical love Elliot has for the post-internet era. The conceptual artist works with polycarbonate as a transparent, environment-interactive material. His press release states: “tbh i dunno if i have feelings is thought as a liaison of both universal notions (dematerialization and metaphysical) and ultra-intimate others (diary and daily feelings). Based on a set of interconnected works, the exhibition develops proposals that can act both alone and in organization.” Elliot’s Instagram-worthy reflection on social interactions in an automated world is enough reason for Glamcult to check it out. Allons-y!



By Michelle Janssen



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