Tanja Ritterbex

A world of bewildering enchantment and bizarre rituals.


The work of visual artist Tanja Ritterbex, in which she casts herself as subject matter, can be read as a diary spanning a great diversity of media. An overarching manic disposition seems to inform her work, which she humorously deploys whether she paints, performs, draws, sculpts or makes use of DIY video. These alterations of medium form the significant part of the body of her work, as she questions the continuously changing image of the female self. “When you finally understand that what you see is not what you think, then you can see in it what you want,” she says. By producing her work in series, Ritterbex creates an intricate network in which her pieces affect one another—and which subsequently appears to form a world of its own. It’s a world of bewildering enchantment and bizarre rituals that is sure to captivate the spectator.


By Ruben Baart


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