Swatch releases an ode to Amsterdam

“What Amsterdam and Swatch have in common is art.”


Next to irreverence, spontaneity and transversality, Swatch creative director Carlo Giordanetti believes that what binds Amsterdam and Swatch together is art. For this reason, Swatch has brought an ode to the city by releasing the Destination Amsterdam watch, a product that’s part of the brand’s worldwide Destination project. Glamcult was present at the launch event last week and caught up with Swatch’s head creative.


The Destination Amsterdam watch, as well as other watches in the series, aims at celebrating the city and its people by capturing symbolic elements that speak of them. What characterizes this project is the fact that the watches can only be found in the cities they represent, therefore becoming a sophisticated souvenir that’s about sharing and remembering, “When you touch it, it reminds you of something—and you want to share your moment in Amsterdam with somebody else.”


The watch dedicated to the Dutch capital, designed by Dutch artist Allan Edens, outlines a journey alongside the iconic architecture of houses, canals, windmills—and of course, the unforgettable amount of bikes. At the end of the wristband, the emblem of the city, “xxx”, signs off the traverse—its colour changing every day. The little drawings on the wristband, explains Giordanetti, spark a conversation between the subject and the object, making the watch a storyteller of the city. So, watch and Swatch lovers, get ready to book a flight and catch ‘em all.



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