L.A.N. Party Amsterdam moves to De School

Get in the mood with Anya Dorari.


The third edition of the Local Area Network Party is just around the corner. Organized by Amsterdam’s masters of underground music events, Subbacultcha, expect a taste of what’s going on in the Dutch scene. In case you don’t know where all the funky, grungy, odd, psycho, pop, rock, punk, electronic and, in general, experimental musicians are at the moment, this is the opportunity to catch up and furthermore—yes ma’am, shake your head—support your locals. For this event, De School opens its doors on December 15 to shine a spotlight on rising talent. Speaking to Anya Dorari, one of the performing acts, Glamcult got you a glimpse of what’s to come.

Who exactly is Anya Dorari? And where did the name come from?

Anya Dorari is a fictional figure we made up, loosely based on Edmond Dantès, the main character of The Count of Monte Cristo. His time in jail and the days after describe an interesting metamorphosis revolving around friendship, strength, revenge, and some ethics.

We’ve been listening to your music and we’re intrigued by the different sounds it’s composed of. How would you describe your working process? What are your building blocks?

We are trying out different methods. Usually Roy starts making some of the lyrics, and we use that as a theme for the song. After that, Adriaan quickly makes bits of instrumentals, and Roy sings about ten different melodies. We then cut those melodies into something we like.

You both have a background in music. How did you come to play together?

Roy: Adriaan helped me with some techniques while I was writing songs for another project. Then, I came up with the idea of Anya Dorari. Adriaan considered my approach to this other project as something close to method acting, and he thought it would be nice to try a healthier way of acting: by approaching it more like theatre.

What would be the perfect situation to listen to Anya Dorari?

Roy: Either on the beach, buried in the sand, or in some romantically ambiguous situation.

Are there any specific feelings or themes in particular that you tend to transmit?

Roy: The main theme for me is “getting in shape”.

Adriaan: To me, it’s rather like exploring.

What inspires you? And what/who influences your tracks—both inside and outside of music?

Roy: I find all non-evidential information very inspiring—that doesn’t necessarily reflect the truth. Some of the musical inspirations are Sting, Matthew Dear, Devon Welsh, Sade and Dev Hynes.

Adriaan: I like animals, numbers, logic, and behaviour, but also a lot of nonsense. Sade sounds sweet.

This isn’t the first time you’re featured by Subbacultcha. What can we expect from your contribution to the L.A.N. party? And what will your personal afterparty look like?

You can expect a man singing with a glass of wine in his hand. Our afterparty will be Adriaan eating grapes, and Roy finishing the bottle on a carpet in the company of our good friends from home.


Words by Alejandra Espinosa

Main image: Oliver Clasper


See Anya Dorari live at L.A.N. Party

December 15, De School Amsterdam


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