Studio Job and Swatch join forces for Art Special

Making pop meet punk.


After 30 years of establishing its iconic watch, Swatch has joined forces with the Dutch-Belgian art force Studio Job: a marriage culminating to form the new PUNKxJOB Art Special. Designed to be “a ‘fuck you’ Swatch rather than a happy Swatch”, Studio Job have turned the classic watch into an article where pop meets punk, a statement piece available now in a limited edition.

Initially igniting the collaboration in the 1990s when Job Smeets was an intern in Paris and working intermittently with Swatch projects since, Smeets and his partner Nynke Tynagel were thrilled when “finally, Carlo Giordanetti, the artistic director of Swatch, asked [them] to do Swatch last year”. Given the opportunity to add their own distinctive style to a brand 30 years in the making, they grasped this opportunity with both hands as a chance to create something new, provocative: “we just wanted to go further”.

With a punk attitude at the heart of their designs as a renowned collective, the watch is fresh and a step away from the “happy Swatch” we have all grown to expect—reinforcing the idea that “Swatch can be cool and underground rather than just happy.”

Swatch_Studio Job

The PUNKxJOB Swatch Art Special is now available.


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