Meet the master of vagina art

Stephanie Sarley doodles for a greater cause.


Shaping a new archive of genital art, Stephanie Sarley is taking on controversies. The artist from Berkeley, currently based in Oakland, focuses on female empowerment through vagina art, trying to accustom the world to the image of female genitalia, just because, y’know, vagina.

While there are plenty of dicks all over the world, there seems to be less focus on doodling lady parts for fun, but are they really such a serious matter? Decorating the world with “Orcunts” or “Crotch Monsters”, Sarley’s sexual humour-fuelled fruit videos went viral on Instagram and were even celebrated by NY art critic Jerry Saltz, who praised her fruit-fingering videos, saying: “You. Are. Genius.”


Ever since she’s been getting recognized for her sexually charged art. Saturated with visual connotation, she brings fascination and lust through the single act of motion. There’s an underlying question on what is defined as sex or sexual, and the multi-gifted artist makes us reflect on a weighty message via a light-hearted medium.


By Michelle Hèlena Janssen

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