Sometimes your best friend dies

Victim Victim premieres her new video!


Today Victim Victim premieres her very first music video with NIGHTSHOP on Glamcult! Taken from her second EP, the song SMBFD— sometimes my best friend dies—is the very identifiable result of social awkwardness. Sometimes you shut yourself off and drive yourself nuts, forgetting you could call on friends instead. 2015 was not an easy year for singer and producer Aafke Kloppenburg; SMBFD is all about feeling alone and accepting this. In need of a positive change in sound and visuals, she turned to NIGHTSHOP. VV explains that their collaboration sprung from a mutual desire to show imperfections, pushing the limits of good and bad taste. Finding common ground in the performance qualities of fashion labels Maison the Faux and Nada van Dalen, she created a video that contrasts the heavy message of the song with a bright, rainbow-coloured clip. VV grew a creative backbone and turned her past into the great music she reveals here.

By Michelle Janssen

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