First listen: Sofie Winterson remixed

Glamcult premieres a kaleidoscopic remix by Waterlelyck.


Dream pop songbird Sofie Winterson is back! On the heels of releasing her stellar KIDS EP last spring, September sees her work being remixed by the likes of Fatima Yamaha and Bear Damen. Today Glamcult exclusively presents the remix of Turning by young Dutch producer Waterlelyck, whose vintage synthesizer sounds will be sure to cause a psychotropic trance.

What inspired KIDS? Is there a musical or lyrical theme that runs through the original EP, as well as the forthcoming remix EP?

Lyrically the line that runs through the tracks is: ways how to relate to each other. That’s why I asked people close by who I admire to do the remixes.

What do you love most about Waterlelyck and his edit of your track? Did you give him a certain briefing, or complete freedom?

Waterlelyck’s musical mind is an endless labyrinth of ideas. That’s why I gave him complete freedom and that’s why the track ended up how it ended up. Completely different than the original, it’s a whole new trip. I love it.

What’s your ultimate summer of 2016 go-to track?

Daddy’s Little Girl by Warfield Spillers is my summer feel-good track at the moment!


All remixes of KIDS will be out on September 2nd.

Photography: Olivia Jaffe

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